• Students’ Experiences with Ecological Momentary Assessment Tools to Report on Emotional Well-being

    Larry Chan, Vedant Das Swain, Christina Kelly, Kaya de Barbaro, Gregory D. Abowd, Lauren Wilcox IMWUT 2018 Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) methods have emerged as an approach that enhances the ecological validity of data collected for the study of human behavior and experience. Through our study, we distilled three primary considerations for designing EMA interactions, based on observations of 1) response strategies to repeated questions, 2) the perceived burden of EMA prompts, and 3) challenges to the validity and robustness of EMA data. We present these considerations in the context of two microinteraction-based EMA approaches that we tested: lock-screen EMA and image-based question prompts. We conclude by characterizing design tensions in the presentation and delivery of EMA prompts, and outline directions for future work to address these tensions.